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We now have USDA processed pork available for sale.

Our pigs are raised in forested pasture where they have free forage of acorns and hickory nuts.  They are able to root and wallow as pigs should.  We have been raising pigs since 2014 and not once have we ever had to administer any medication.  Our pigs are given a Non-GMO grain to supplement their forage diet and they also get any of our organic meal leftovers.  The best slop ever!

We sell whole, half, and custom cuts. 

Suckling hogs available by special order.

Piglets for sale if you choose to raise your own pork.

Call for pricing and availability!


Next beef available late 2019.  Limited quantities!   We only raise enough beef to keep our dairy cows in milk production.  Angus/Jersey Crosses.


We offer milk herd shares which gives you access to raw milk, yogurt, cheeses, butter, and other dairy items. 

Call for details!

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