Sowing Seeds Nursery & Farm - Providing Quality Garden and Lawn Plants at Affordable Prices

We are a small family farm.  We started in 2012 with our greenhouses and nursery.  Next came our orchards and gardens.  Livestock was our next adventure.  In 2017 we started selling our skincare line. Little by little we have grown and learned quite a bit!  We have had many successes and many failures. 

Our farming practices more than ever focus on treating the grounds and our animals with the utmost respect.  We are not USDA organic certified, but we do farm as organically as we can.  We DO NOT support GMO farming.

This year we will still be selling plants and hanging baskets and our skin care items.  New offerings will be fruits and vegetables, pork and beef products, eggs, and milk herd shares.  

We no longer have business hours at the farm.  We will be selling all of our goods through online sales,  farmers markets, and featured locations.  Check out our Calendar of Events page to find out where we will be.

We really do look forward to serving our customers the best we can!

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